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Wood Conditioner, Chopping Board Wax


Vulcan Craftsmanship wood conditioner is created with 100% organic Australian beeswax and food-grade mineral oil. The mixture is combined to make the perfect consistency for easy application to all wooden products.

Before applying wax, you want your board to be as clean and dry as possible. Half a lemon and coarse salt are a great way to remove anything left on the board, then wipe clean and let it dry thoroughly!

A little goes a LONG way! Apply a 10c piece of conditioner onto a clean cloth and work into the wood. Let it sit for a minimum of 30 minutes, giving the wax enough time to penetrate and harden the wood. Buff off with a clean (preferable microfiber) cloth and watch all the natural colours come back to life.

Beeswax not only gives you a warm, sweet aroma when applied, it also protects your wooden items from all elements. The best thing is Vulcan's conditioner also helps bring back the vibrant, lustrous shine in other materials such as leather and metals.
for best results, reapply every 3 months or until wood begins to dry out.

Approx. 100g worth of wax

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