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Beach and Shell Theme Coffee Table


This eye-catching, unique resin and shell coffee table is the perfect way to capture some of Australia's beauty in any space. Each piece of timber is carefully selected, shaped, and filled with native shells, rocks, driftwood, and sand to capture a gorgeous shell theme table. With every piece being different from one another, it makes each table completely unique and one of a kind.

This unique clear resin coffee table is;
620mm long
610mm wide
440mm high,
with a 40mm wood and resin thickness. The legs are matt black, lightweight and padded with felt for easy moving

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, Vulcan Craftmanship is a locally owned and ran business providing elegant and eye-catching timber products. Each piece is unique in its own way from the colour and grain of the wood, product size and shape, resin infill, and more. Here at Vulcan, we encourage our customers to come to us with ideas and suggestions, putting thoughts into action, providing unique designs to enlighten your home or office. From chopping boards to dining tables, there are no projects too big or small.

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