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Shell Casting Large Serving Board

Vulcan Craftmanship

With each piece having its own grain, shape, and colour, our wood is cut to complement these traits. The rough size of this Camphor Laurel serving board is

Here at Vulcan, we love the beach, sun waves, and the beauty in the ocean. Our Decorative Shell Boards help combine the gorgeous Gold Coast beaches with the hinterland rockpools, waterfalls, and streams. 

Our favorite part of making our Shell Boards is we get to use the different woods that have splits, rotting corners and perfect imperfections. After the boards have been selected, a mold is created and the magic happens. This is then filled with ICE EPOXY and left in a cool, still room to set over the next few days. Each board is created out of Australian shells, rocks, and sand to create a one-of-a-kind truly unique board. 

For a safe, tough finish, our boards take a swim in our mineral baths and left to soak in the oils overnight. The boards are then wiped down, and coated in Vulcans Beeswax Board Conditioner before it's buffed off and ready for delivery.  

For best care on all Vulcan products, visit the product care tab on our website.





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