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ICE EPOXY DEEP CAST ( Deep Pour Casting )



ICE-DEEPCAST is a premium advanced polymer epoxy designed for casting objects, both natural and man-made materials, to create a CRYSTAL CLEAR, 3D look. This resin is safe to pour up to 3"-4” at one time with NO bubbles or haziness.

ICE-DEEPCAST is a two component 2:1 ratio, UV stable Deep Casting epoxy. Typically used for high-build crystal clear coating.

ICE- Deep Casting epoxy offers a finish with crystal clear transparency, ideal for live edge table tops, Charcuterie boards, and other applications requiring a deep cast (up to 3 inches) and a high level of transparency. ICE- Deep Casting Resin has the highest level of UV Inhibitors on the market, making it resistant to yellowing and fading.

ICE- Deep Casting epoxy has virtually no odour and can be used indoors without ventilation or bulky respiration equipment.

✔️ Extremely durable, scratch resilient & maintenance free

✔️Crystal clear

✔️UV resistant, does not yellow

✔️VERY Easy to use & low odour

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