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Large Lichtenberg Board with White Fill

Vulcanc Craftmanship

Here at Vulcan Craftsmanship, we specialize in the art of Lichtenberg. This is also known as fractal burning, which is the process of delivering thousands of volts of electricity through each piece to create a bolt-like figure. This process is EXTREMELY dangerous and multiple precautionary measures are taken to ensure safety is the number one priority at all times. 

With each piece having its own grain, shape and colour, our wood is cut to complement these traits. The rough size of this Rose Wood serving board is
Titanium White

Our boards have been carefully selected, sanded, cut, then electrocuted until a red bolt of electricity fills the board. Resin is then poured into the cracks as it slowly covered the whole board with a bright, vibrant pigment. In the 5 days it takes to completely harden, the resin seeps into every crack filling any void which results in a unique and eye-catching design. Each board passes a 6 step sanding process until the resin is flush against the wood and glowing with colour.

For a safe, tough finish, our boards take a swim in our mineral baths and left to soak in the oils overnight. The boards are then wiped down, and coated in Vulcans Beeswax Board Conditioner before it's buffed off and ready for delivery.  

For best care on all Vulcan products, visit the product care tab on our website.

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