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Ice Epoxy Thin Cast ( Craft Resin )



ICE-CRAFT is a two-component, 1:1 ratio, high viscosity, Crystal clear CRAFTING RESIN.

ICE-CRAFT is used to obtain a high durable finish for any tumblers, casting art projects, wood working projects as well as a high sheen gloss flood/seal coat for table-tops, bar-tops and other wood surfaces that you would like to protect. This resin is the PERFECT resin for crystal clear flood coats! Can be poured up to 1 inch at a time with crystal clear results.

✔️ 1:1 RATIO, Easiest mixing ratio means NO mistakes!

💎 Great for crystal clear transparent seal finishes with scratch resistance.

✔️ THE MOST SUPERIOR & EASIEST RESIN for tumblers and artists on the current market!

✔️ ICE-CRAFT/CAST also self-levels really well compared to the industry standard.

✔️ Can be poured up to 1 inch with crystal clear results!


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