Product Care

Over time, all natural products start to wear with age, yes, even wood! But that doesn't mean your beautiful board needs to be hidden away in a cupboard.

Our boards are made with tough Australian wood, food grade materials and a lot of love and care. Over time the vibrant grain and colours do fade, but can easily be restored with some coconut oil, mineral oil, or an oil of your choice. For best results, Vulcan Board Conditioner not only rejuvenates the wood grains and colours, but also helps protect it from all elements whilst smelling of honey. This can be applied with a dry cloth and a wax on motion, ensuring all parts of the board are covered. This can also be done with a buffing pad and buffer.

For best care, these boards should never be placed in the dishwasher and never left fully submerged in water. After use, lightly clean and rinse with water and dry with a clean tea towel.

Step 1

The best way to care for your board is clean it on a regular basis. We like to clean and apply a fresh coat of wax every 6 months to help protect and refresh all those grains and colours. To do so, pour a generous amount of course salt onto your board. Slice a lemon in half and rub the salt into your board, ensuring you're squeezing the lemon regularly so the  juice can mix with the salt. Wash board down and place in a shaded area to dry. Never place in direct sunlight when moist or warping may occur.

Step 2

Applying your oil

There are many oils, board waxes, board butters and finishes on the market and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. At Vulcan we start the first stage of oiling our boards by soaking them in mineral oil overnight. This allows the wood to soak up everything it possibly can, minimising the chances of drying out later on. The excess oil is wiped of with a microfiber cloth and moved to the final step.

Step 3


Once you have wiped down your oiled board, the final coat of protection is added. This will help protect the wood from dings, food grease and oils and knife marks. All our boards get a nice thick layer of our in house Wood Conditioner. To apply, use a clean non scratch pad and work into the wood in a circular motion just like the Karate kid. Leave the conditioner to do its magic for 6 hours and then buff off with a clean, microfibre cloth. Once completed you will see the colours and grain of your board come back to life

Over time, all wooden products lack nutrients, so TLC is occasionally needed. If you oil regularly with the steps above, they will last a long, vibrant life.